Workshop Notes

These are the notes written down by the group recorders as a result of their discussions. They are terse and incomplete, but they serve as the base for RODC to create action plans for 2013.

Workshop 1.   Nick Fillmore – Pat Froio, Facilitator     “One Big Campaign”
In Canada we don’t have many lobby groups for social issues.
Labour is good at taking on corporations not government.
Council of Canadians is good at doing training and at action
Black United Front              
Feminist Movement
Democracy means having continual input into policy development.
COC is working to build a United Movement with CUPE, PSAC, CLC.
Labour, First Nations, Environment Groups have common causes 
Not Consensus model to act – COLLABORATIVE model.
We participate in communications systems.  Any member can initiate discussions and draw others with them.    COC may provide logistical support.
Climate change must be a central theme.
Watch for announcement January 28 2013.  Name to be picked December 3rd or so.
Process structure, not vision or issue.
Suggested new manifesto will not be created by this group.
How many issues can we handle?
Will we be in the streets? (Canadian young people are not radical and have jobs.)
How can we reach people with vision?
Democracy = having the chance to make wishes known.
Join and overtake the political parties -  Lead Now
Make a social contract with NDP to implement PR and Libs and Greens vote NDP.
2 years to deliver
      No. RODC = non partisan.
Times too serious; take a stand.
Corporate elites are the real danger, they hold the power.
Progressives must stand for their values against the rich.
      Values must be rallying point.
      With a collaborative model, without topic labels, would that not be a vehicle for democracy?
      Missing morals & values level. Youth 18-36 don’t see anyone who represents their values.
      Go in to Universities, Use Social media, grab their attention.
      Teach importance of civics, how things work and why your actions matter.
      RODC offers hope.  We don’t see democracy and we want to.
      Politicians just crooks! Support COC. We trust them.
      Go to seniors.
      Why are we doing this?  Who do we have to wake up?
      Learn and promote our history.
      CCPA - what are their politics?  Who is promoting them?
      Like collaborative approach eg NAC 700 organizations – defunded.
      Hold public forums in High Schools.
      Look to models like Iceland.
      Take back the Bank of Canada to fund the debt.
      Could journalists join together?  Can they give up $$?
      Focus on gathering voting groups.
      Line 9 is the gathering issue and Fracking
      Education will come from a successful campaign.
      Join new group formed by COC.
      All organizations here join. 
      Join COC as an individual.
      Advocate PR.

Workshop 2. Trish Hennessy – Carol Brayman, Facilitator      “Income Inequality”
Royal Commission on Electoral Reform.
Proportional representation.
Work with groups like Lead Now and others.
Work with CCPA on tax reform.
Get party leaders to support tax reform.
Recruit corporate leaders to support it.
Recruit support from “Conservative Thinkers”.
Increase progressiveness of tax system.
Organize Conversation Cafes.
Every dollar is a vote campaign – naming companies who pay living wages.
Developing key messages re: taxes, cuts, effects on our communities.
Coordinate campaigns among like-minded organizations.
Coordinate instead of compete.
Start progressive newspaper (on-line or otherwise).
Change the conversation to talk about taxes everywhere we go.
Highlight successful experiments on guaranteed income and living wages.
Follow examples like BC’s New Westminster Living Wage policy.
Develop a handbook for activists.
Advocate for progressive legislation (Labour Law etc).
Advocate to get the Bank of Canada to fund public debt.
Advocate for job creation programs.
Match job training with employers needs.
Close tax loopholes and simplify the tax code.
Seek cross-party co-operation.
Seek the support of respected politicians who are retired (Broadbent, Clark etc).
Shame the rich on lavish expenditures.
Enlist young folk to use social media to get message out.
Support affordable housing (Canada is the only developed country without a federal housing program0Publicity.
Grass roots action can work e.g. the Mega Quarry.

Workshop 3. Bonnie Brown – Judy Rivard, Facilitator     “How Parliament Could Work”
Riding Association Modification
Contempt ruling
Party structure reform
Electoral reform, proportional representation
Campaign financing
Increasing awareness to expose potential flaws
Education on Canadian Parliament for:
New MPs, New Party members, Civics Grade 5 and up
Funding of parties
Intergenerational dialogue
Speaker tenure
Short Film: “We are Wisconsin” 
TV Series Sunday evenings on HBO: Oliver Stone’s “Rewriting History”